Natvia Tablets

Natvia 100% All Natural Sweetener tablets are perfect for when you are on the go.



Love Natvia so much you never want to be without it? Us too. That’s where our Natvia Tablets come in. They’re compact and easy to throw in your bag to take with you when you’re on the go, so you’re never stuck without a healthier way to get your sweet fix. Whether you’re travelling the world or just out for brunch, you can take your Natvia with you.


We created Natvia because we want to get the most out of life, without anything artificial and without the sugar! That’s why we’re proud to say that Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener. It’s a stevia sweetener, made from plants so we can give you a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners and added sugar. Not only is it better for you, but it tastes better too! We’ve created Natvia especially so that we know it tastes great in your tea and coffee. We even conducted hundreds of tests with baristas and coffee experts to make sure we got the flavour just right! Natvia has a clean, pure taste that is perfect for using whenever you want that little bit of sweetness in your life. There’s no bitter aftertaste, because there’s nothing artificial and no nasty chemicals! Just natural sweetness to help you live a healthier life.

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