Natvia Foodservice Pack


Natvia 500 sticks Foodservice pack

Natvia 100% All Natural Sweetener was crafted by roasters and baristas. Top coffee roasters swear by Natvia and won’t touch the other stuff. Hand on heart, Natvia’s is the best tasting natural sweetener in the market and we’ll stand by that.

Bring your customers the best tasting natural sweetener with our Foodservice pack. It’s the healthier option, and won’t compromise the taste of your signature blend. Coming as a pack of 500 2g sticks, each stick is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar so it’s easy to make the switch!


Natvia is a Stevia sweetener the healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar that is made with naturally sourced ingredients. We created Natvia because we wanted a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness in our lives. Using natural ingredients made from plants, we created a healthy alternative that allows us to feel good about who we are, and what we eat. Saying no to artificial nasties and excess sugar in our diet makes us feel great. We just know it will make you feel better too.


Natvia has a pure, sweet clean taste that’s been carefully crafted to ensure every granule has a naturally sweet taste. Importantly Natvia’s taste profile has been specially crafted to complement your coffee. (We conducted over 600 trials with baristas and coffee experts to get the taste just right!). Natvia tastes nothing like artificial sweeteners, because it’s natural, so there are no nasty chemicals and no bitter aftertaste.


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