Natvia 40 & 80 sticks pack


Natvia 100% All Natural Sweetener 40 & 80 sticks Pack

Natvia 100% All Natural Sweetener has been specially crafted to complement your tea & coffee.

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Crafted to compliment your coffee and tea, Natvia Natural Sweetener is available in packs of 40 or 80 2g sticks. Each stick is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar – in sweetness, but not in calories! That means it’s easy to replace those spoonfuls of sugar in your morning cuppa. Keep them on the kitchen bench or replace the office sugar bowl.


We created Natvia because we wanted a way to enjoy the sweeter things in life, without artificial nasties and excess sugar. Natvia is the healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, made from plants. All of our ingredients are 100% natural. We want to start a health revolution, one cup of coffee at a time! With Natvia, you can enjoy your favourite cup of tea or coffee without the sugar, so you can feel good about what you drink.


Natvia has been created especially to compliment your coffee.  We tested it over 600 times with baristas to get the taste perfect.  It’s pure, sweet and clean – just the way it tastes best.  Natvia tastes nothing like artificial sweeteners, because it’s not! Nativa is totally natural, so there’s no nasty chemicals and no bitter aftertaste. That means you can use it just like you’d use sugar, in coffee, tea and baking.

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