Natvia 300g Canister

Canister 300g

Natvia 100% All Natural Sweetener 300g Canister

Your sugar free starter kit. Perfect for tea, coffee and baking.

nutrition info 300g

Love your tea and coffee, and also love getting into the kitchen and baking up a storm? Or do you just really like cake, but don’t want the sugar that comes with it? If you want the best of both sugar free worlds, the 200g canister is your perfect match. You can use it for baking, for cooking and for your morning cup of coffee. Use Natvia Natural Sweetener in anything, just like you’d use sugar, for the sweetness you love without the calories you don’t.


Natvia stevia sweetener is the healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is made from naturally sourced ingredients, made from plants, so there’s no nasty chemicals or artificial ingredients. We developed Natvia because we wanted to enjoy a little sweetness in our lives, without the excess sugar and without anything artificial. We wanted to feel good about what we eat, and when you leave behind sugar and artificial substitutes, we just know you’ll feel good too.  Natvia has been specially created to taste great in your coffee and tea, and so that we can have our sugar free cake and eat it too! You can use Natvia just like you’d use sugar, and it tastes fantastic. Natvia is 100% natural, so it doesn’t taste anything like artificial sweeteners – there’s no bitter aftertaste, just a clean, sweet taste that we know you’ll love.


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