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written by Patrick April 7, 2017 0 comments
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It’s that time of year again when we loosen our belts a little and celebrate all that is chocolate, and dare I say, HOT. CROSS. BUNS.

Taking advantage of the Easter long weekend is a top priority and one the lends itself to some much-needed RnR (rest and recovery) as well as a reason to get excited for the holiday and truly indulge in some Easter classics.

Keeping things healthy throughout Easter can be a tough challenge; often leaving us feeling a little sick and guilty by the time it’s all over.

Easter is a celebration, and as such should be maintained with high spirits and enthusiasm (especially when there are so many Easter treats to try!). Too often the consumption of sugar-filled Easter treats leaves us sluggish and tired… And that’s not how we want you to spend your long weekend.

Natvia’s range of 100% Natural sweeteners is making it a lot easier to craft classic Easter dishes with your health and sugar intake in mind.

As an Easter treat, we’ve collected some of our top Easter recipes to give to you, ensuring you can stay sugar-free all weekend all while consuming all of your Easter favorites plus of a couple of extra’s we know you’ll love!

Download our FREE Easter ebook HERE to see just how much sugar-free potential there really is! With recipes ranging from vegan treats to gluten-free delights, no recipe will disappoint.

Flick through the pages and you’ll come across our delicious chocolate Hedgehog Slices, or maybe you prefer waking up to our sugar-free FRENCH TOAST! Sugar. Free. French. Toast!

With more treats like our Blueberry Crepes and our Persian Love Cake, there’s absolutely now reason to fret going sugar-free this Easter.

Easter Cookies WEB2-Chocolate-Hedgehog-Slice

Bring something new to the table this year and surprise your friends and family with 100% naturally sweetened Easter deliciousness.

Happy Easter!


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