In Baking

One of the most beautiful things about Natvia is that you can use it directly as a sugar-replacement in your cooking and baking. Natvia fans all around the world have discovered that you do not need to give up sweet treats, flavour-some dinners and yummy desserts.

Latest to the range is the Natvia 700g Baking Pack. Especially made for baking, this is just what you Sweeter Life Club members have been asking for.

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Tips on how to bake with Natvia

Helps baking rise

If you need your recipe to rise(even if the recipe does not include baking powder), 2-3 teaspoons of baking powder may be addedto your recipe to help the baking rise.

Light and Fluffy

When baking cakes, normally when using sugar the chemical reaction of beating sugar and butter together creates a lot of air. As Natvia is different in chemical structure to sugar, the butter has to be beaten on its own until light and fluffy and then add the Natvia and continue to beat. The biggest tip and the best secret to success when baking with Natviais to really beat or cream your initial mixture.


To assist with caramelising, preheat oven in 160 degrees Celsius, pour Natvia into an overproof dish and cook it in the oven for about 40 minutes or until caramel coloured.

Meringue-based dishes

When making meringue based dishes, (eg. Pavlova) Natvia can be added at the start prior to whisking up the egg whites. Natvia does not need to be added gradually as it doesn’t affect the end volume of the whisked egg whites.

Jams & Sauces

When making jam, or sauces, use Icing mix for a finer texture or blitz Natvia in a food processor until desired consistency is achieved. Use xanthan gum to prevent the Natvia from recrystallising.