As a Food Ingredient

Natvia as a Food Ingredient

Natvia can already be found in many unique and innovative Australian food products. It is versatile as an ingredient and these products which are sweetened with Natvia still taste great!

If you would like to use Natvia as an ingredient for your business, please email for more information!

Vitarium No Added Sugar Drinking Mixes

Vitarium has developed a delicious drinking mix containing nothing artificial or added sugar, sweetened naturally by Natvia. There are two kids flavours chocolate, and strawberry and the adults don’t miss out either with a rich chocolate drinking mix. With less than 10 calories per serve, kid’s can enjoy a fun delicious tooth-friendly drink while still getting all the nutritional benefits of milk, and without the excess energy.


Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

Melinda’s Gluten free Goodies is Australia’s leading gourmet gluten free range, providing great tasting products everyone will enjoy.

Nourishing Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes

A wholesome blend of Melinda’s signature flour, coconut, real fried & crushed raspberries and sweetened naturally with Natvia and glucose!



Scrumptious Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

A light blend of Melinda’s signature flour, real dried & crushed blueberries and lemons and sweetened naturally with Natvia and glucose!



Smart Fountain Sauces

Fountain ‘No’ Added Sugar Smart Tomato and Barbecue sauces are sweetened using Natvia, so the whole family can enjoy the great Fountain taste without the added calories. It is also gluten free and contains 25% less added salt that other sauces!



Food for Health

Food for Health is a trusted and recognised brand in the health food category throughout Australia. Food for Health focuses on health, functionality and allergy friendly products with a lean towards gluten free.

Fruit Free Clusters

The clusters have a scrumptious cinnamon flavour, with a splash of vanilla and are delicious first thing in the morning with milk, as an in-the go snack or last thing at night with yoghurt as a healthy dessert. Sweetened with Natvia, it provides that sweet little punch without compromising on taste.

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Cinnamon Splash Cluster Bars

These bars have a delicious cinnamon flavour and are packed with lots of wholegrains and healthy seeds like chia and linseeds that are a perfect guilt free snack without the excess sugar!