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Why Natvia?

America is gripped in a sugar crisis. Health professionals are now warning Americans that we simply eat too much sugar. We created Natvia because we wanted a healthy, natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. Everyday, we get fan mail from people that have changed their lives by simply reducing the amount of sugar they eat. Our simple solution to help has lead to a global movement.

What is Natvia?

Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener. Our innovative growing and blending techniques are the secret to our taste, ensuring that every grain of Natvia has a sweet, clean and natural flavor. Natvia uses the very best stevia, combined with a naturally occurring nectar known as erythritol. Like the Colonel and his secret blend of herbs and spices, Natvia is also unique in a world dominated by artificial sweeteners and so-called natural sweeteners that are known to actually taste bitter.

What does Natvia taste like?

Over 600 trials were done to ensure our taste was just right. We are the natural sweetener of choice of the world’s top baristas and roasters. For example, Doug Zell from Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago specifically chose us and refuses to serve any other sweetener. This is simply because, Natvia was created to above all else taste great. This is as close to sugar as you can get.

How do I use Natvia?

You simply swap sugar with Natvia and away you go. Natvia is great in coffee and tea, and best of all, you can cook and bake with it. With ZERO calories per serving, compared to sugar’s 16 calories, simply switching to Natvia is literally, a piece of cake.


Live a Healthier Life Style With Natvia

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